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Uvica Cotes du Rhone Blanc



Founded in 1967, Vignerons Ardèchois is one of the largest and best-run cooperatives in southeastern France. The vineyards are farmed by 1,000 different families who tend between 5 and 25 hectares each. Vignerons Ardèchois allows them to preserve the rural atmosphere and way of life in the region - over half of the families still practice polyculture farming, and grow stone fruits, olives, almonds, and lavender in addition to tending their vineyards. 
Located between the foothills of the Cévennes and the Rhône river at an average altitude of nearly 300 meters, the cooperative lies outside the typical division of Northern and Southern Rhône, and can be considered the “Wild West” of the Rhône Valley. The southern latitude allows the grapes to fully ripen, but the unusual freshness of the wines comes from the higher altitude. 
This cuvee is mainly crafted from young vines of Grenache Blanc with Viognier and a hint of Marsanne. Pale yellow color with green shades. This is surprisingly light on its feet and refreshing. Delicate notes of white flowers, jasmine, citrus (lemon, tangerine) on the nose. Bright, round and juicy on the palate with notes of apple, white peach and mineral finish.
Uvica Cotes du Rhone Blanc