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Monte Bernardi Italia Ti Adoro



The Monte Bernardi estate extends over 53 hectares (130 acres). The vineyards are situated in the hilly, southern most region of Panzano, in the “belly button of Chianti Classico”, an area that has been acknowledged as one of the Grand Cru of Chianti Classico. The vineyards are perfectly situated - standing at an altitude of 350 meters above sea level, surrounded by forests and enjoying a southern exposure, with the river Pesa flowing just a few hundred meters to the south. These factors contribute to the unique micro-climate of Monte Bernardi.
Monte Bernardi can make a top-notch Chianti when they want to, but they’re not always about the highbrow DOCG compliant wine. This is them letting their hair down, a super fun ode to a long tradition of delicious and relaxed Italian reds. It’s a blend of grapes from Tuscany, Sicily, and Le Marche, culminating in this dinner-table delight. Supremely quaffable, a juicy combo where cherry & raspberry are met with darker flashes of plum, dusty dried herbs and a good crack of peppery spice to back it up. The packaging is s fun too, they’ve called it a modern ‘fiasco’ (the traditional round chianti bottle, often with wicker basket holder). No straw here, but the bottle, like the wine, is a fun take on an old classic and at a 1L bottle, there is more to go around!
Monte Bernardi Italia Ti Adoro