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Calcarius Soul Glou


Tucked away in the ancestral Gargano National Park is Valentina Passalacqua. Tending to biodynamic certified parcels, she strives to make wines that poignantly reflect the characteristics of the calcareous land they grow in.
Valentina follows true natural winemaking principles, avoiding the use of any additives (acid, enzymes, etc.) and manual work in the vineyard and cellar. She humbly notes that it's the 'calcareous white stone land of Kimmeridgiana origin that uniquely characterises the sharp and salty expression of my wines'. The wines are pure joy to enjoy. They're consistently easy to drink, energetic, vibrant, fruit forward and fresh. Most importantly, for Valentina, it's the opportunity to connect with loved ones and enjoy the moment that's balanced so well with food.
Lightly pressed Primitivo that drinks more like a rosé. Gobs of juicy & crunchy red fruits; ripe cherry, pomegranate, strawberry, blood orange, a touch of white tea notes. Great acidity, the faintest of tannins, and a mouthwatering finish. At only 10.5% ABV  - chill this one up and let it flow - this is our new summer crusher!
Calcarius Soul Glou