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Fableist Red Blend BOX

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Between Fableist, Wonderwall, Neverland, Fiction, and Field Recordings, we carry more wines made by Andrew Jones than any other winemaker - we just love the dude.  Why?  His wines are varietally correct, reflect a sense of place, follow sustainable farming practices, and punch well above their weight & everything he touches is delicious.
Get rid of the glass, the cork, the label, the pretense and you have a killer wine that ends up costing you $7.50, per bottle equivalent, which is ridiculous. This blend of 88% Zinfandel & 12% Malbec is intensely ripe and fruity, with flavors of plum, cherry, blueberry, and raspberry and notes of chocolate and vanilla, supported by chewy tannins, jammy fruits & peppery spices. 
Fableist Red Blend BOX