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Domaine Gassier Viognier


Domaine Gassier Viognier: Bottle Bracket Final Four 
Winemaker Michel Gassier has a deep connection to the land, and is philosophically committed to making terroir-driven wines. Located in the south of the Rhône Valley, Family Gassier offers handcrafted wines that reflect their cherished Rhône identity and the personality of the men and women who created them.
Overlooking the marshes of Camargue, the organic vineyards are cooled by Mediterranean breezes. This terroir of Rhône pebbles, atop veins of ancient seabed chalk – gives unique vibrance and minerality to the wines. 
Stunning aromatics of white peach & marine on the nose, leading to green apple, stone and tangerine notes on the medium-bodied palate. It's  lush with an impressive balance of fruit and minerality.  Aromatic and fleshy, this Viognier is refreshing and perfect with grilled seafood, sushi and creamy flavorful dishes.
Domaine Gassier Viognier